Outrage Growing After Parolee Allegedly Killed Land Park Woman Inside Her Home

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It was a brutal and tragic end for a Land Park woman who was clearly loved by her neighbors.

The suspected killer, Troy Davis, 51, was reportedly seen on a neighbor’s surveillance camera just one day before he allegedly killed her.

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On Tuesday, he appeared before a judge in a Sacramento County courtroom with his eyes locked on the ground. He’s now accused of sexually assaulted and killing a Land Park woman and her two dogs before setting the home on fire.

It’s a place neighbors say the victim lived for almost a decade.

“It really upsets me the neighborhood is so close-knit,” said Harvey Sanchez.

He calls this a “senseless”  crime. He knew the victim, a 61-year-old state worker who was living alone with her dogs at the time she was killed.

Sanchez says they’d get together for movie nights and attend block parties.

“She was very, very big on her dogs. They were old dogs, and we loved them,” he said.

Neighbors say this community is not known for crime.

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“That doesn’t happen here,” said Mark Sousa.

He says now this neighborhood is shrouded in shock.

“It’s more sadness. We feel for her and the dogs and how they passed. We hope they didn’t suffer,” he said.

Troy Davis was on parole when he allegedly killed the victim and her dogs. (credit: CDCR)

The suspected killer is a parolee who was released from prison, then stole a car but was let out under the state’s zero bail policy — even though his criminal history includes violent crimes, including assault with a deadly weapon and robbery.

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert says the state is seeing a “tsunami” of violent crimes.

“The public, I think, would be shocked to learn about this, “what do you mean we’re going to let this person out on zero bail?”

The victim’s identity has not yet been released. Deputies say they don’t believe the victim and the suspect know each other.

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The suspect was assigned a Public Defender and will appear in court in October.

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Land Park community stunned after killing of 61-year-old woman, her 2 dogs

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A man was arraigned on charges of rape, murder and arson Tuesday afternoon after a 61-year-old woman and her two dogs were found dead inside her home last week. 

Friends and close neighbors said they were shocked and disturbed by the grisly crime. A close friend of the victim spoke to FOX40 and said the 61-year-old was a fierce advocate for her community and for animals that needed rescuing. 

“She was the most outstanding individual,” the friend said. 

Her friend of 20 years, who wished to remain anonymous, said the victim was a single woman who worked many years for the state. She also dedicated most of her time as a volunteer with the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

“She rescued, I don’t even know many, senior dogs, mostly from the SPCA,” her friend said. “She made sure that she took the dogs that were maybe only had a few years to live.” 

The victim had moved to her dream home in Land Park seven years ago from a crime-stricken neighborhood, her friend said. 

“She wrote, ‘I love, love, love this house and this neighborhood. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be,’” her friend said. 

But on Sept. 3, authorities were called to the scene of a fire at her home on 11th Avenue. There, they discovered the 61-year-old and her two dogs had been killed. 

“I got a phone call from a mutual friend, and she said, ‘I hope to God you’re sitting down,’” her friend said. 

As friends left flowers and dog treats on her doorstep, 51-year-old Troy Davis faced charges in connection to her death, including murder, arson, assault with intent to commit rape, burglary and two counts of malicious maiming of animals.

Davis had previously been arrested in June on suspicion of stealing a vehicle. He was released on zero bail. 

“We still have a bill in our Legislature that is going to come up for a vote this week. It’s SB 262, which would essentially almost make this worse,” said Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. “It’s, essentially, a catch-and-release kind of bill. For me, it’s more about this continued erosion of public safety that we see real-life consequences.” 

Kristina Rogers, vice president of the Land Park Community Association, said what happened is the worst-case scenario. 

“This is the thing that every neighborhood worries about,” Rogers said. 

She said crime in Land Park has increased in the last five years and what happened highlights an even bigger issue for city and county leaders. 

“Maybe some people are uncomfortable talking about criminals who happen to be unhoused, so they’re going to have to start talking about that or we’re going to have a lot more of this,” Rogers said. 

While the demand for action continues, a void has been left at the end of the street of a once quiet neighborhood. 

“She was just a bright light that was … that got extinguished too soon,” her friend said. 

Members of California’s District Attorney’s Association are saying they are outraged over the zero bail policy. President Vern Pierson said none of these crimes would have occurred had the person been behind bars. 


Suspect On Parole Accused Of Killing Land Park Homeowner Also Charged With Assault

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – People who live in a Land Park neighborhood off 11th Avenue and 23rd Street are shaken up after a woman in her 60’s was found dead inside her home that was set on fire.

Police say her two dogs were also found deceased. Officers arrested 51-year-old Troy Davis, a parolee who failed to appear in count in June on a different case.

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Photo of Troy Davis courtesy the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Davis now faces four felonies murder, arson, sexual assault, and burglary.

Neighbors who didn’t want to speak on camera said the woman was always outside walking with her dogs.

They tell CBS13 they can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt her and have no idea who the suspect is.

READ MORE: Outrage Growing After Parolee Allegedly Killed Land Park Woman Inside Her Home

A 911 call about a fire led to the discovery of the woman Friday. Right now, what exactly happened remains under investigation.

A woman who asked us not to show her face said it’s heartbreaking to learn the neighbor she would often have friendly casual conversations with is now gone and wonders why anyone would act so violently towards her.

“Well, she was super nice, nicest person she used to come into my business and get iced tea and she was devoted to her dogs,” the woman said.

The suspect has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2013. He’s previously been charged with robbery, sexual battery and possession of drugs among other charges.

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He’s expected to appear in court on Wednesday.


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