Prominent Newsom recall proponent contracts COVID-19


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Orrin Heatlie, an early organizer of the effort to recall Gov. Newsom, records a radio program at KABC-AM (790) on March 27, 2021.(Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press)

Orrin Heatlie, an early organizer of the effort to recall Gov. Newsom, records a radio program at KABC-AM (790) on March 27, 2021.(Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press)

Orrin Heatlie, a retired Yolo County sheriff’s deputy who helped launch the effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, has contracted COVID-19.

Heatlie told The Times on Tuesday that his symptoms were mild, that he didn’t need hospitalization and that he was at home recovering.

Heatlie said that since testing positive for the coronavirus on Aug. 28, he has self-isolated and that he will not have human contact until he gets a clean bill of health and tests negative.

“People need to continue to stay diligent and stay safe,” he said. “Protect one another. Wash your hands and wear a mask where appropriate.”

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Political Data Analysts Say Older, White, Affluent Californians Casting More Recall Ballots, So Far

More than five million Californians have cast their ballots in this September’s special Gubernatorial Recall Election, accounting for 23% of eligible voters, according to political data analysts.

And, so far, data analysts say older, white, affluent Californians have cast their ballots in bigger numbers.

“It turns out Gavin Newsom’s biggest supporters seem to be older, white, Democrats living in affluent areas, living in suburban areas, in particular,” said Paul Westcott of L2, a voter mapping and demographics firm. “We’ve seen a lot of that, whereas these other core Democratic groups, at least for now, haven’t showed up yet.”

In just one week, California voters will decide if Gov. Gavin Newsom should be removed from office or stay as the state’s leader. NBC 7’s Allie Raffa has details.

Latinos and young people have not been turning out to vote, yet, data suggests. While Latinos make up almost 30% of the California electorate, only 17% of the ballots cast so far are by Latino voters.

“If you look at the remaining playing field, you’ve got a lot of young people, a lot of minorities who are really out there to be encouraged to get the ballots in, so that’s the outstanding voters,” said Paul Mitchell with Political Data, Inc.

Analysts say based on recent voting trends, expect to see a little bit of an uptick in Republican voters casting ballots closer to Election Day, but those votes may be counteracted if Latinos and young people — who historically vote Democrat, end up voting last minute, too.

Experts don’t seem to be sure which way Latino voters will lean in California’s special election. NBC 7’s Priya Sridhar has the story.

The data analysts gathered the unique voting ID numbers of all the ballots that have been cast from the County Registrar of Voters across California. They then cross-referenced those ID numbers with the statewide voter database to determine the demographics of the voters who have cast their ballots thus far.

According to the San Diego County Registrar of voters, 640,000 San Diegans have cast their ballot in the Special Election.


VP Kamala Harris Will Visit Bay Area to Campaign for Gov. Gavin Newsom

Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the Bay Area Wednesday to campaign for Gov. Gavin Newsom, who faces possible removal from office in a Sept. 14 recall election.

Harris was set to campaign with Newsom in late August on her way back to the U.S. after a week of events and appearances in Singapore and Vietnam. But she postponed the California stop and returned to Washington because of events in Afghanistan as the U.S. raced to evacuate Americans, allies and vulnerable Afghans before an Aug. 31 deadline.

President Joe Biden supports Newsom, a fellow Democrat and first-term governor. The White House said late last month that Biden would travel to California on Newsom’s behalf. The trip is expected to take place next week.

Californians launched the recall attempt against Newsom mostly because of pandemic-induced anger over his stay-at-home orders, job losses from business closures and shuttered schools.

Newsom is also facing fallout from a multibillion-dollar fraud scandal at the state unemployment agency while weathering a public shaming for not wearing a mask as he dined with friends and lobbyists at an exclusive restaurant last fall although he had been telling residents to stay home for their safety.


California governor recall election: Larry Elder visits Clovis Tuesday as campaign tours continue for Newsom, other candidates

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) — California’s Recall Election is one week away.

Republican challenger Larry Elder made several stops across California Tuesday, including in Clovis.

It is the conservative talk radio host’s second visit to Clovis in a little more than two weeks.

Elder started his visit by taking pictures, shaking hands and saying hello to supporters.

Elder spoke critically of the state’s gas tax, the high-speed rail, calling it the “train to nowhere,” and Governor Gavin Newsom’s handling of the pandemic.

The Republican opposes Newsom’s policies of mandated vaccines and masks in the workplace and promised to make changes immediately if he’s elected.

“I’m going to repeal those before I have my first cup of coffee,” Elder said.

The event was held at the Shell gas station at Willow and Nees Avenues with hundreds of supporters in attendance.

We asked Elder why he chose that specific gas station and why he chose to stop in Clovis.

“Because Gavin Newsom has harmed working-class people, business people, employers and inconvenience customers all over California, not just in Los Angeles, not just in Sacramento, but here in Clovis,” Elder said.

Meanwhile, Gov. Gavin Newsom was campaigning in San Francisco encouraging people to vote “no” on the recall.

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Adding, if they don’t, Larry Elder will likely be the next governor.

“Larry Elder not only supported Donald Trump, but he’s to the right of Donald Trump,” said Gov. Newsom.

Newsom said Elder’s promise to repeal vaccine verification for health care workers and mask mandates in schools and workplaces will ultimately put everyone’s health at risk.

“The power he has day one, with an executive order to eliminate those protections, is profound and I hope the community wakes up to that simple choice,” Gov. Newsom said.

Elder is leading the latest polls for challengers in the election.

Thomas Holyoke, a professor of political science at Fresno State, believes Elder’s high profile amongst conservatives republicans in the state has helped.

However, he said Elder’s stance on certain issues may actually be working against him.

“A lot of voters are just not at all attracted to Larry Elder and other republican politicians like Faulconer and Cox are just not able to get any traction of the voters at all, partially because they’re being blocked out by Elder. So, a lot of voters are looking at Elder, not particularly liking what they see and therefore are willing to give some support to Newsom,” said Holyoke.

Professor Holyoke said initially there were concerns among Democrats that there would be low democratic voter turnout for the election, but he says early numbers are indicating that’s not the case.

Mail-in ballots are already coming in across the state.

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In Fresno County, the registrar of voters is anticipating a total turnout of around 50 percent.

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